Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall governance and direction of Westminster Catawba Christian School. Although WCCS is affiliated with Westminster Presbyterian Church, our school is separately incorporated, and our Board does include some members from other churches. Every trustee must meet strict guidelines that include spiritual maturity and a strong commitment to our school. Most Board members are parents of WCCS students, and a few are alumni as well. 

Members of the Board of Trustees

Policy Governance Model

The WCCS Board of Trustees has adopted the Policy Governance Model and approaches its tasks with a well-defined sense of its own responsibilities to ensure that WCCS effectively accomplishes its mission within the boundaries determined by policies. Policy Governance is a framework of principles designed by Dr. John Carver that:

  • Provides exceptional clarity to the role and functions of the board vs. the administration and staff;
  • Organizes and aids development of board policies in a useful, clear, and consistent way; and
  • Facilitates the board’s complete accountability for their organization, while simultaneously enabling maximum freedom for the staff to do its job.

The Policy Governance Framework does not tell boards what its policies should be or what results the organization should produce, but instead how to govern an organization effectively on behalf of all stakeholders. The core principles of this policy include:

  • Governance is a function of ownership, not management;
  • Boards are the highest authority under owners;
  • Boards are the initial authority within the organization;
  • Board authority is group authority;
  • Boards are accountable to stakeholders for everything within the organization;
  • Boards need to empower those to whom they delegate authority while remaining fully accountable for the use of their authority.